I'm Siddhant Srivastav, currently solving Marketplace problems at Gojek as a Product Developer. I love solving problems using technology. Tech is just a tool, what you build with it matters the most.




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I sound awesome eh? Let's talk...

Stop scrolling now...

Well that was it...

So you don't believe me?

C'mon be a good lad... eh?

You now know so much about me...

The books I've read, what I've written..

Even some of those clicks...

What more could you know about someone?

Damn! You don't give up!

Well this was a nice little thing we had...

But you need to let me go now...


Seriously stop scrolling down!!

Who's going to give up first?

You or me?

Ohh! I get it...

You want to be my friend...

Sure! Ping me on Instagram

But STOP scrolling





What if this all just a ruse?

What if I've just been collecting your data this whole time?

You saw right through one, didn't you?

Now stoooooop scrolllllling.....

Well this is it!

The end

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And the animations too!